Frustrated with the inability to meet men in my world, I took a giant leap of faith and started contacting people through the singles sites I found on the Internet. I found that I could actually specify age and the city where they lived as well as view pictures of the people I found during my search. From there I could see their likes and dislikes, their philosophies on life and relationships, and a whole array of information. What could be better?

Not everyone I "met" was someone I was compatible with, but I did find one person that I particularly enjoyed corresponding with via e-mail, so much so that Tom and I decided to speak to each other on the telephone. He was a big hit with me! Humorous, intelligent, and thoughtful and I found myself looking forward to meeting him in person. So Tom and I met for coffee one Sunday morning and, even though this sounds like a cliché, it was love at first sight.

We both found what we had been looking for in a relationship -- warmth, understanding, respect, and love. We were perfect for each other and throughout the next year developed a very strong relationship. During that time, we spent quite a bit of time at the computer, which seems rather fitting considering the way we met. Tom and his best friend, Mike, own a web site design company and we often looked at sites in progress so I could give Tom my opinion. He's very proud of his work and so am I.

One Saturday evening Tom asked me to look at his latest site design so we went over to his place to check it out. He had mentioned the site several times during the week, saying it was giving him some difficulty; he couldn't come up with just the right graphics to make his point the way he wanted to.

As soon as we got to his place Tom started up his computer and typed in www.Janet.com --"hmmm, strange name for a web site", I thought. Then the site came up in a burst of fireworks -- it was like the most glorious fourth of July fireworks display I had ever seen! The lights in the room dimmed above us and I heard a champagne cork pop. "Just keep watching that screen Janet" Tom said, so I kept my eyes glued there waiting to see what would happen next.

I watched one last burst of fireworks of every color imaginable, and then, from the screen, a hand came toward me holding a ring . . . a very spectacular diamond ring with rainbow colors glinting off of it. It was all just incredible! I laughed with delight and turned to tell Tom he is an absolute genius, and there was that very same hand holding a diamond ring toward me, only this time the hand was attached to Tom as he knelt down beside me to ask me to be his wife.

My ecstatic "yes" was followed by a champagne toast to our future together and to the wonderful concept of computer dating . . . and engagement!